Solar-Plexus Chakra with Laurén M. Laurino

Dr. Laurén M. Laurino, BCND lovingly known as “Dr. Ren” is a Holistic Health Crusader from Union, NJ. She is a Board Certified Naturopath thru the American Naturopathic Medical Board and is the President of the first NJ associated chapter of the Nationwide Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Ren shares her personal journey with wellness constructively, leading by example to educate & inspire others. Dr. Ren’s experience with herbal and energy modalities has led her to believe that when working with individuals, it’s all about finding the proper frequency to fit one’s constitution.

Mainly involved with social media at this time, Dr. Ren inspires others with her passion, enthusiasm and unique sense of humor when it comes to Holistic Health. She can be reached for both private and public events.

(908) 887-0398

Instagram: Dr_Ren